Online guidelines

Please read the below before you attend. If it’s your first session please join 10 minutes early so we can check the technical stuff and I can answer any questions before we start.

Below is a picture of an ideal set up for your mat and camera.

To make this work in an ideal world you need to have your camera far enough away from the long edge of your mat so that I can see you both when you are lying down and standing up… so the long edge is along the bottom of your camera shot.
Please have space around your mat so that you can move your arms and legs without crashing into anything.

If you do not have this much space it doesn’t mean that you cannot join in but you must be aware that I might not be able to see you properly and always be careful in your surroundings so as not to bang or knock anything.
I cannot be responsible for your own home environment, please make it as safe and comfortable as you can.

Always remember during our practice:
Throughout all of our practice you must assume that I cannot see you fully and you must only move as you can safely.
As in all our practice, always work with your body and as it feels in that particular moment. Do not do anything which causes you pain or discomfort. I cannot tell you how something will feel in your body and you must be sensible and use your own felt sense at all times.